The Extemper’s Bible is Running Its Own Camp!

After months of careful planning and coordination with nationally-renowned extempers and extemp coaches, we have finally got our camp up-and-running! Read more to find out some details.

Website Link:

Current Staff:

  • Kay Rollins
  • Tanner Jones
  • Christopher Maximos
  • Vikash Giritharan
  • Krishna Sanaka
  • Alli Hering
  • Steve Asthana

Brief Description:

“The Extemp Institute’s decorated staff is single-mindedly focused on teaching extemp skills.

We meet students at their needs — building novices’ foundations and making varsity students nationally competitive.

Collectively, our staff has made seven finals appearances at NSDA nationals, and they hold over seventy five bids to the Tournament of Champions.”

Registration Link:

Instagram: @extempinstitute

Give us a follow and sign up for our camp! It does not conflict with any major extemp camp, and it is roughly 2.5-3x as cheap! Again, here’s the link!

By Ananth Veluvali

Founder, the Extemper's Bible.

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