Weekly Questions: April 19th – 25th

Happy practicing!


  1. How will the stoppage of Johnson & Johnson vaccine distribution affect the US’s national vaccine rollout?
  2. What lessons can other states learn from Michigan’s COVID-19 struggles?
  3. Are states the only avenues for meaningful police reform in America?
  4. What will the ramifications be of the COVID-19 pandemic on state and local governments?
  5. How effective will Biden’s executive orders on gun violence be?


  1. Who is best positioned to take over for Raúl Castro in Cuba?
  2. Will we see other countries follow in the footsteps of China’s “vaccine diplomacy” in Paraguay?
  3. Has the international community lost its appetite to take meaningful action in Ethiopia’s Tigray region?
  4. Will the newest round of Iranian nuclear talks be successful?
  5. Will Alexei Navalny become a martyr for Russia’s anti-Putin movement?

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