Weekly Questions: March 29th – April 5th

Happy practicing!


  1. What steps can the federal government take to reduce tax evasion by the wealthy?
  2. How should the Biden administration respond to North Korean aggression?
  3. Are the U.S.’s high rates of gun violence here to stay forever?
  4. What should the NCAA do to redress the parity between men’s and women’s college athletics?
  5. Can Kamala Harris fix the Democratic Party’s divisions over immigration policy?


  1. How will the shortage of semiconductors affect the global economy in 2021?
  2. Will China and Russia prevent Myanmar’s army from being held accountable for its actions?
  3. Why has Brazil’s second COVID-19 outbreak been so devastating?
  4. Who is best positioned to quell violent insurgencies in Mozambique?
  5. What can be done to prevent future incidents similar to the Suez Canal blockade?

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