Five Big Changes and Updates!

February has been an exciting month for the Extemper’s Bible. As you may have noticed, we made some big changes to our website. We’ve also been planning some awesome things under the hood. Read below to find out more!

#1: A Refreshed Look

The most visible change to our site, the Extemper’s Bible has changed the look of its website! Now, you can search for specific articles utilizing our search-bar feature, or you can enjoy the cleaner & accessible formatting of our articles. Overall, our site is now more navigable.

#2: 100 Posts!

On February 25th, we hit 100 posts! Our articles covered topics from high-quality extemp sources all the way to Joe Biden’s foreign policy. This could not have been done without the hard work of everyone on our team.

#3: Podcast Changes

Our podcast is coming back! New episodes will be posted every week or every other week. You can find the Extemper’s Bible on every major podcast platform.

#4: Changes to our Briefings

While news sources do a great job of breaking down complex issues, they don’t (rather unsurprisingly) explain how you can apply their content to extemp. Our briefings, though, will now dedicate entire sections to explaining what types of questions you’d draw about a specific topic & how you can use your newly-learned knowledge to answer those questions!

#5: Extemp Seminars

In the new few months, we will run extemp seminars every other week. These seminars will be hosted by nationally-acclaimed extempers, and they will be a great opportunity to learn something new! Information about the seminars will be posted on our website & Instagram.

Bonus: Follow us on Instagram!

While this isn’t a big update or change to the Extemper’s Bible, we’re very active on Instagram. There, you’ll find exciting updates about our organization, and we also post Questions of the Day (QOTDs) to test your knowledge of the current affairs! Check us out! Our handle is @extempers.

By Ananth Veluvali

Founder, the Extemper's Bible.

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