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Extemp Seminars #2: Europe and AGDs

Our next seminar will be on the topic of Europe and AGDs! Join us on March 4th for an insightful seminar to help you develop your skills. Sign up using the link in this article!

The Extemper’s Bible is excited to introduce our NEXT seminar! It’s always been our goal to provide Extempers across the nation with the best resources possible, at no cost. We’re here to provide resources to refine your skills and bolster your knowledge, from our repertoire of drills, lectures, and experienced lecturers. The last seminar was well received by those who attended, and we’re excited to bring our next topic.

Seminar #2: Europe and AGDs

The topic for our second of many free seminars will be Europe and AGDs. You’ll learn all about the European status-quo, which is an essential asset to those who do domestic and international extemp. In addition, many Extempers struggle with developing “Attention Getting Devices”, or “Attention Grabbing Devices”, which the community refers to as an “AGD”. These are your hooks for a speech, and are essential to mastering. You’ll learn how to refine them exactly at this seminar with 1 on 1 help from our experienced Extempers, as well as “on-tops”.

This second seminar will be held on March 4th, from 7-9 PM CST. That’s 5-7 PM PST, 6-7 PM MST, and 8-10 PM EST. You can sign up using the link below:

Your Lecturers

Anne Smith, a current Senior at Mission Vista High School in California, will be one of the lecturers. International Extemporaneous is her favorite event by far, although she has also participated in Parliamentary Debate, Congress, and Oratory. She has finaled in extemp at the University of Wyoming High School Tournament and the Peninsula Invitational.

Arjun Raman, a junior at Westwood High in TX, will also be a lecturer. He’s been doing Extemp for the last three years and Congressional Debate for the last few months. An experienced lecturer, he relishes the opportunity to teach Extempers across the nation at this seminar. He has quarterfinaled in Extemp at the NYC Bronx Invitational and the Stanford Invitational, as well as semifinaling at the Nova Titan Invitational.


Our last seminar, on the topic of Biden’s Cabinet Officials, was a fantastic opening to our seminar program. Those who attended truly enjoyed it, and we’re thrilled we can attest to that with their feedback!

“The seminar was very helpful, especially the PPT resources. The drills were also very interesting and has provided an environment to meet with the other extempers :)” – Yu Jin Cha, 9th Grade

“I truly enjoyed my experience at the seminar! I learned new information that I hope will improve my future speeches.” – Sonya Colattur, 9th Grade

“The seminar was great! The summary of each of the Cabinet officials was helpful, and I particularly appreciated the forums at the end with drills.” – Gavin Davis, 11th Grade

We’re excited to see you on the 4th!

Make sure to sign up here:

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