Weekly Questions: February 23rd – March 1st

US Extemp

  1. How will Katherine Tai change U.S. trade policy?
  2. Should Andrew Cuomo face criminal charges for his mishandling of COVID-19 in nursing homes?
  3. Should President Biden cancel $50,000 in student debt?
  4. What lessons can state governments take away from Texas’s power failures?
  5. What do new strains of the coronavirus mean for the U.S.’s national vaccination campaign?

International Extemp

  1. Is there hope for Arab politicians in the Israeli election?
  2. Is it time for the international community to intervene in Myanmar?
  3. What is the impact of the United States rejoining the Paris Accord?
  4. Will the Catalan Separatists reignite their movement?
  5. Who will will the Somali election conflict?

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