Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: February 8th – February 14th

Written by James (Jimmy) Gao and Shreya Joshi. Happy practicing!

US Extemp

  1. How will Pete Buttigieg change the Department of Transportation?
  2. Has the fast development of the COVID-19 vaccine undermined progressive calls for pharmaceutical industry reform?
  3. Will SPACs fully replace traditional IPOs?
  4. Have the steps to disempower Marjorie Taylor Greene been enough?
  5. What are the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling in South Bay United. v Newsom?

International Extemp

  1. Will the protestors in Myanmar be successful in defying the coup?
  2. How can the Indian government compromise with the farmers?
  3. What can the international community do to ensure a peaceful transition in Haiti?
  4. What are the causes of the Chilean protests?
  5. Is the ICC the key the ending the Israel-Palestine conflict?

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