MBA Extemp Questions Published (Part 1)

The question writer for the Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) Round Robin, Jason Warren, was kind enough to let us publish the questions from the tournament. We will publish the first half this week and the second half next week. Check them out below, and enjoy the tough practice!

Topic Area: The Biden Presidency

Speaker 1 Topics:
Would pledging to not stand for reelection bolster Joe Biden’s political capital?
What will be the biggest difference between Miguel Cardona and Betsy DeVos?
The far-left wing of the Democratic party: friend or foe of the incoming White House team?
Speaker 2 Topics:
Would it be politically wise for Joe Biden to push for a rewrite of the Affordable Care Act?
Has Trump’s transitionary stall tactics really put American national security in danger?
What is the biggest move Joe Biden can take in the first hundred days to improve racial justice in America?
Speaker 3 Topics:
Will Hunter Biden continue to haunt the Biden administration?
What should be Pete Buttigieg’s top priority on his first day in office?
When it comes to undoing Trump’s executive orders, is time of the essence for Joe Biden?
Speaker 4 Topics:
What strategy should Joe Biden take towards Trump’s rhetorical posturing once he takes office?
Is the appointment of Deb Haaland more about optics than it is about policy?
What is the biggest lesson Joe Biden should have learned from his time in the Senate as he plans to take over the White House?

Topic 2: This Round is Sick – A Round on COVID 

Speaker 1 Topics:
Is Canada’s aggressive approach to combating the coronavirus paying off?
How has the coronavirus pandemic altered the national dialogue concerning a public healthcare option in the US?
How can the Biden administration make a mask mandate politically palatable?
Speaker 2 Topics:
In light of the coronavirus pandemic, what is the single largest change that needs to be made to the WHO?
Did federalism make the pandemic worse in America?
How has China’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic impacted its soft power projection?
Speaker 3 Topics:
How can global institutions best meet the coronavirus vaccination needs of the developing world?
How can Anthony Fauci gain the confidence of conservative media outlets in America?
What lessons can the entertainment industry learn from the way the NFL handled the coronavirus?
Speaker 4 Topics:
When it comes to slowing the spread of the coronavirus, do international borders matter?
Will Donald Trump’s endorsement be necessary to build public confidence in accepting a coronavirus vaccine?
Has the UK’s system to contain the spread of the coronavirus turned out to be a failure?

Topic 3: The Worst Part About 2020

Speaker 1 Topics:
Did Tom Nook lose 2020?
Why was Hilaria Baldwin the worst part of 2020?
Will St. John’s Church emerge as the worst church after 2020?
Speaker 2 Topics:
Why did Quibi have the worst 2020?
Was 2020 the beginning of the end for the royal family?
Why did Carole Baskin have the worst 2020?
Speaker 3 Topics:
Was 2020 a swing and a miss for the sports industry?
Who else deserves to get the Sherry Pie treatment after 2020?
Why was 2020 a major fail for Gal Gadot?
Speaker 4 Topics:
Are pants the biggest loser of 2020?
Was Michael Bloomberg the biggest strategic loser of 2020?
Why did JK Rowling lose her magic in 2020?
Note: This was a hypothetical round, hence the more abstract questions.

Topic 4: Global Hotspots

Speaker 1 Topics:
Can the military keep the peace in Somalia?
Would it be in Iran’s best interests to push for a swift end to the Yemeni civil war?
Is the political influence of Mexico’s drug cartels on the decline?
Speaker 2 Topics:
Is the monarchy the most influential actor in Thai politics?
Does the world need a more forceful reaction to the Nigerian government’s response to the #ENDSARS protests?
Is China’s human rights record having an appreciable effect on its international clout?
Speaker 3 Topics:
Is gender equality in Saudi Arabia a pipe dream?
Will other South American nations follow Argentina’s lead and legalize abortion?
How equipped is the Croatian government to help the nation rebuild after recent earthquakes?
Speaker 4 Topics:
Would Tigray really be better off if it was an autonomous state?
How can Emmanuel Macron best reconcile social tensions in France with a desire to build a bridge with the Arab world?
Was the Indonesian government justified in disbanding the Islamic Defenders Front?

Topic 5: US Economy and Business

Speaker 1 Topics:
Should the US embrace a fully digital currency model?
If Uber were forced to treat its drivers as employees and not gig economy workers, could it survive as a business?
To what extent are Treasury bond yields a viable measurement of the American economy?
Speaker 2 Topics:
Does the federal government have a moral responsibility to strive to combat income inequality in America?
Will Warner Brothers regret their decision to use HBO Max to distribute its films in 2021?
How would have holding out for a $2,000 per person stimulus payment impacted America’s economic performance?
Speaker 3 Topics:
What would be the economic ramifications of breaking up Facebook using antitrust regulations?
When it comes to enacting economic programs, has the federal government ceded too much authority to the states?
What does the stock market’s rise despite a pandemic tell us about America’s economic situation?
Speaker 4 Topics:
Zoom Video Communications: Buy, sell, or hold?
What do consumer spending patterns from this holiday season tell us about the current state of the American economy?
Do American cities need a more rigorous rent control scheme?

The other half of the questions from the round robin will be published either on Sunday the 17th or Monday the 18th. Stay tuned and happy practicing!

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