2020 in Review and a Preview of 2021

Check out our year in review, which highlights our proudest accomplishments from this year! Then, keep reading this article, so you know all of the exciting updates we’re planning for 2021!

Some Statistics: 2020 in Review

– 19,000 website visits since September

– Shoutouts from Extemp Central, Beyond Resolved, and Answering the Question

– A team of 12, including 7 MBA invitees

– Over 60 posts

20 free presentations, written by nationally-acclaimed extempers

– Visitors from 15 countries

A complete beginners guide to extemp, written for novices

– A free, virtual camp with nearly 100 enrollees. Our camp alumni have gone on to final at Glenbrooks, the UK Season Opener, Bronx, Dowling, the UT Longhorn Classic, Princeton, Yale, and more!

An extemp source list with over 100 sources

2021 Preview

While 2020 was certainly an awesome year for the Extemper’s Bible, 2021 will be even better! Here’s what you can expect for 2021:

  • A competitive and intense national points race, with updates from tournaments like MBA, the TOC, NCFLs, and NSDA Nationals.
  • Free extemp sessions, hosted by top-tier extemp talent. Our first session will be in late January and sign-up information will be provided on this website at a later date!
  • A tournament guide for ETOC & TOC bid tournaments. In this guide, we’ll provide information about pricing, tournament locations, tournament dates, and more, so you’ll never have to worry about tournament registration again.
  • More articles on a consistent basis! You can expect articles every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • The resumption of our podcast, and our YouTube channel. Both are also called the Extemper’s Bible, so check them out!
  • A free, virtual camp, hosted in the summer of 2021. Expect top-tier talent to help with coaching.
  • Questions that test your knowledge of the news; to check out these questions, follow our Instagram (@theextempersbible)! We’re currently taking a break, but plan to resume these questions on January 4th.
  • A slate of exciting interview guests, all of whom are nationally-acclaimed extemp specialists.
  • And more!


2020 has been an exciting year, largely thanks to the EB (Extemper’s Bible) community, and we promise you: 2021 will only be better. So, keep your eyes peeled for future posts and please spread the word! It means a lot to us.

By Ananth Veluvali

Founder, the Extemper's Bible.

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