Weekly Questions: December 21st – 27th

Happy Holidays everyone! We’ll still be posting articles over the holiday season, so keep your eyes peeled for future posts, and happy practicing!


How much influence will progressives have in the Biden administration?

How can the federal government better support black-owned businesses?

Which group of Americans should receive the COVID-19 vaccine first?

If confirmed, what can the US expect from Janet Yellen as Secretary of Treasury?

What role has the COVID-19 pandemic played in America’s homeless pandemic?


Has COVID-19 been a boon or a curse for pro-democracy movements in Latin America?

Will Gulf States regret signing agreements that normalize relations with Israel?

How does Australia need to respond to its reoccurring wildfire problem?

Following Joe Biden’s election, is Iran more willing to work with the United States to renegotiate the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Should India repeal its new farm bills?

By Ananth Veluvali

Founder, the Extemper's Bible.

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