Weekly Questions: October 12th – October 19th

Written by Shreya Joshi and James (Jimmy) Gao. Happy practicing!

Do you want to hone in on your speaking skills? Below is a list of IX and USX questions for the week of October 12th – 19th. Good luck & happy practicing!

US Extemp

  1. Is the Biden’s campaign support for fracking a wise political move?
  2. Is the rise in political violence in the United States irreversible?
  3. Does the politicization of poll watchers threaten democracy?
  4. Would Lael Brainard be the best nominee for Treasury Secretary in a hypothetical Biden administration?
  5. Will Cal Cunningham’s sexting scandal cost him a Senate seat?

International Extemp

  1. How can Somalia counteract the Shabab’s economic power?
  2. What are the implications of women leading the Belarus protests?
  3. Does North Korea currently pose a serious threat to the international community?
  4. Is the cease-fire between Armenia and Azerbaijan indicative of future peace?
  5. Are the Netherlands setting an example for colonial reparations ?

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