Weekly Questions: August 17th – August 23rd

Do you want to work on your speaking skills? Below we’ve attached our weekly USX or IX questions for the week of August 17th – August 23rd. Good luck and happy practicing!

US Extemp

  • How will the nomination of Kamala Harris as vice president impact the 2020 presidential election?
  • Will issues with the United States Postal Service delegitimize the 2020 elections?
  • Should Edward Snowden be pardoned?
  • What is the best method to increase COVID-19 testing across the country?
  • Should the United States add sanctions on Iran?

International Extemp

  • How can the global community prevent the rise of “vaccine nationalism”?
  • Is the Chinese-American “tech rupture” irreversible?
  • Will the instability caused by Russian intervention in Belarus spread across Europe?
  • How will the formalization of UAE-Israeli relations impact Palestine’s relationship with Dubai?
  • Will the resignation of the Lebanese government lead to meaningful reform?

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