Extemp Seminars #1: Biden Cabinet Officials

The Extemper’s Bible has been the go-to source for extempers across the nation to find resources on demand. We’ve brought new weekly questions, strategy pieces, interviews, and more. Now, we’re bringing something new to the table: curated seminars for ALL extempers.

The goal of the Extemper’s Bible, dating back to the podcast, and reaching as far ahead as extempers.org, was to provide extempers across the nation with helpful, accessible resources to succeed in their craft. These seminars are the next step in that direction. With a wide range of topics to help you learn relevant information, to drills that will refine your skills, and with the experience of top-level lecturers, these seminars will be necessities for all extempers.

Seminar #1: Biden Cabinet Officials

The topic for the first of many of these free seminars will be Biden’s Cabinet Officials. You’ll learn all about the incoming administration, from the secretaries to the directors. You’ll also get 1 on 1 help with engaging drills to advance your extemporaneous skills, from already accomplished extempers.

This first seminar will be held on January 28th, from 6-7 PM CST. That’s 4-5 PM PST, 5-6 PM MST, and 7-8 PM EST. You can sign up using the link below:


Your Lecturers

This seminar will be led by some acclaimed extempers who you’ll want to hear from.

Katelyn Cai, who you might’ve seen on our National Points Race, will be one of the lecturers. She’s a rising junior from Basis Scottsdale, Arizona. Extemp has been her main event since 8th grade, but she’s dabbled in Congress, PF, and OO too. She recently championed International Extemporaneous Speaking at the 2020 Glenbrooks Tournament. Her other accolades include: placing 7th at the 2021 MBA Round Robin and garnering 11 UKTOC bids throughout her career.

Aditya Kalahasti, a rising senior from Solon, OH, will also be leading the seminar as a lecturer. He has been doing International Extemporaneous for the past 4 years, as well as World Schools and Extemporaneous Debate at the 2020 National Tournament. Recently he quarterfinaled at Yale and semifinaled at the UK Season Opener. He has additionally broken to octofinals at the 2020 National Speech and Debate tournament in World Schools Debate and won the Bethel Park/Black Hawk Invitational in IX in 2020.

You don’t want to miss out on the inaugural seminar. No matter where you’re from, what grade you’re in, or where you’re at in your extemp career, we’re here to help. And we can’t wait to see you on the 28th.

Sign up here at no cost: https://forms.gle/Ca5pcfCbaEUD1LuR6


MBA Extemp Questions Published (Part 1)

The question writer for the Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) Round Robin, Jason Warren, was kind enough to let us publish the questions from the tournament. We will publish the first half this week and the second half next week. Check them out below, and enjoy the tough practice!

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Weekly Questions: December 27th – January 2nd

Happy early new year! Stay tuned for some exciting updates from the Extemper’s Bible in the new few days. In the meantime, happy practicing! We tried something new this time, adding one additional novice question for both USX and IX.

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MBA Invite List Released!

The Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) Round Robin is a 16 person, invite-only tournament, widely recognized as the most prestigious in the nation. The tournament will take place virtually from January 2nd to January 4th. Extempers will compete in 10 rounds, with 4 rooms in total and 4 competitors to a room. Check out the invite list below and congratulations to all of those invited to the 2021 MBA Round Robin!

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2020-21 National Points Race, December Update: Wang and Pattathunaduvil Split UT Titles, Sanaka Wins GMU, Jiang Takes Princeton

Welcome to the fourth of nine monthly updates on the standings and tournament results for the 2020-21 National Points Race! This edition features the results from UT, GMU, and Princeton.

The first weekend in December marked a busy weekend for the circuit, with three tournaments – the UT Longhorn Classic, the GMU Patriot Games, and the Princeton Classic – occurring simultaneously, wrapping up the calendar year 2020. The points for each tournament were given based off their respective tier as per usual. However, the tiers of both GMU and UT were changed mid-season. To read the reasoning behind the switch for GMU, click here. To read the reasoning behind the switch for UT, click here.

The University of Texas Longhorn Classic was the only tier 4 tournament during the weekend, and separated IX and USX, so competitors received points based off their best performance in either field. Plano West Sr. High School (TX) seemed to stand out, with defending NSDA IX champion Angela Wang and current leader in the points race Pranav Pattathunaduvil of Plano West winning IX and USX respectively. In IX, Pattathunaduvil finished second, ahead of Allen Zhang of A&M Consolidated (TX) who took third in IX and fourth in USX. Charles Hou of Plano West Sr. High School was the last competitor to reach the final round in both fields, finishing third in USX and fifth in IX. Rounding out the final round for IX were teammates Madeline Tsao and Gabriel Bo of Jasper High School (TX), who placed fourth and sixth respectively. In USX, Katelyn Cai of BASIS Scottsdale (AZ) finished second, also representing the only competitor from outside of Texas that competed in a final round at the tournament across both extemp fields. Other finalists in USX included Sanjay Amirthraj of Westwood (TX) who took fifth, and Jishnu Basu of Plano Senior (TX) who took sixth place, while reaching semifinals in IX .

Anushka Kumar of Plano West Sr. and Kyle Letterer of Jasper High School (TX) were the only semifinalists in both USX and IX, joining Leo Yu of Plano West Sr., Natasha Banga of Coppell High School (TX), and Isaac Doty of Lubbock High School (TX) in IX, and Sinan Kassim of NSU University School (FL), Evelyn Huang of Louis D. Brandeis (TX), Olivia Yang of Westwood (TX), and Grace Fyfe of Spring Woods High School (TX) in USX. All semifinalists earned 125 points for the National Points Race.

The George Mason University Patriot Games held asynchronous preliminary rounds for extemp for the first time in the history of the tournament, also representing the first major circuit tournament to do so this season. After competing in synchronous elimination rounds, Krishna Sanaka of the Hawken School (OH) took first place in the tournament, earning 600 points in the points race to end the calendar year in fourth place in the race. Laurel Holley of Riverside High School (SC) took second, beating Sanaka’s teammate Molly Xiao, who finished third. Behind Xiao was Mayin Puri of Ridge High School (NJ) and Marc Zavarro of Western High School (FL), finishing fourth and fifth respectively. Rounding out the final round was the Hawken School’s Praveen Kumar who finished sixth.

The final tournament over this weekend was the Princeton Classic, typically held at Princeton University. Winning the tournament was Ethan Jiang of Seven Lakes High School (TX), earning himself 400 points to end 2020 in seventh place for the points race, edging out Alex Sorgini of La Salle College High School (PA), who earned 300 points. In third place was Peter Alisky of Smoky Hill High School (CO), earning himself 250 points to end the calendar year in second place in our points race. In fourth place was Alex Zhang of Monta Vista High School (CA), ahead of Oliver Fuisz of the Collegiate School (NY). In sixth place was Duke champion Tyler Tjan from Milton Academy (MA).

You can find the full results from IX at UT here, and USX at UT here.

You can find the full results from GMU here.

You can find the full results from Princeton here.

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