The Statement of Significance: An Underutilized Tool

The statement of significance is an important, albeit underutilized tool in extemporaneous speaking. In a single 10 second statement, your judge will either feel connected or distanced from your topic. Thus, nailing this part of the speech is critical to being a successful speaker. In this article, learn some tips about how to utilize statementsContinue reading “The Statement of Significance: An Underutilized Tool”

Book Summaries: Part 2

Citing a book (or books!) is one of the most impressive things you can do in an extemp speech. Beyond presenting an opportunity to cite distinguished scholars, books typically hold complex political, social, and economic theories that add sophistication to your speeches. Below is a list of a few books (with their summaries) you mayContinue reading “Book Summaries: Part 2”

2020-21 National Points Race, January Update: Rollins, Dharmapurikar, Cai, Morganstein, Kind, Hering Emerge As Victors From Crowded Month

Welcome to the fifth monthly updates on the standings and tournament results for the 2020-21 National Points Race! This edition features the results from the Montgomery Bell Academy Southern Bell Forum, the Sunvitational, the James Logan MLK Invitational, the Cavalier Invitational, the Cavalier Challenge, the Barkley Forum, and the Marshall Speech Spectacular.

The Ultimate Novice Guide to Extemp

The following is the ultimate guide for novices on how to succeed in extemporaneous speaking. Covered are the following sections: what is extemp, what goes into a speech, the art of substructure, confidence in this activity, free extemp resources, and concluding commentary. Since this is an ongoing project, we will be continually updating this resource.Continue reading “The Ultimate Novice Guide to Extemp”