Glenbrooks Update

At this year’s Glenbrooks tournament, held from 11/18 – 11/21, we had many competitors gain big points at this tier 3 tournament! Championing this tournament is this year’s current leader in points McKinley Paltzik (Phoenix Country Day, AZ), earning herself 900 points, earning straight 1s in finals. In second, also from Arizona, is Sruti Peddi (BASIS Scottsdale, AZ), earning herself 750 points. There were only 2 ranks separating our 3rd-5th ranked speakers; Tyler Crivella (Seven Lakes, TX), Grant Killoran (Marquette, WI), and Pierce McDade (University, IL) respectively, earning 675, 600, and 525 points each. Rounding out the final round was Charlotte Reitman (NSU, FL), earning 450 points.

Semifinalists Fiona Yan (Harker, CA), Anastasia Koch (Eagan, MN), Rohit Vakkalagadda (Bellarmine College Prep, CA), Francis Olakangil (Bellarmine College Prep, CA), Claire Han (Munster, IN), Sofia Esteban (Seven Lakes, TX) all earned 250 points. Quarterfinalists Meghana Kunapareddy (Tompkins, TX), Lauren Kim (Flintridge Prep, CA), Theodore Gercken (College Prep, CA), Natu Daniel (Eagan, MN), Ethan Chen (Monte Vista, CA), Stephanie Cheung (Westridge. CA), Brandon Cheng (Flintridge Prep, CA). Noah Kammeyer (Millard West, NE), Param Thakkar (Eagan, MN), Skyler Burrus (American Heritage Palm Beach, FL), Amari Luu (Pine Creek, CO), and Joshua Kwong (Monte Vista, CA) earned 100 points each.

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