Wiki – Pakistan’s Democratic Backsliding

Pakistan has entered a state of political turmoil and likely democratic backsliding. Read this wiki article to learn why!

When Imran Khan of the PTI Party became the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018, opposition in the form of the Pakistan Democratic Movement had already called the election rigged. Citing failures in the economy and corruption, the opposition began a campaign for a vote of no-confidence on February 22nd, 2022. After gathering momentum and key vote switches from former allies of Khan like Khalid Magsi, the measure was set to pass with enough votes.

That was until Khan’s Deputy Speaker dismissed the motion entirely on April 3rd followed by the President dissolving the National Assembly on Khan’s orders. Khan explained his actions by claiming that there was a plot against him by foreign powers, namely the US. This is a clear play for power. By shutting down the only legal pathway that would remove him, Imran Khan has shifted Pakistan’s political landscape to one with clear one-party control.

The move will go to Pakistan’s Supreme Court shortly. So far, Russia has expressed support for Khan while the US and EU have criticized his actions.

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