Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: December 13th – December 19th

Happy practicing!


  1. Would allowing private citizens to sue assault and ghost gun owners be a good idea?
  2. What impact will a Buffalo Starbucks’ decision to unionize have on the national labor movement?
  3. How much blame should Joe Biden get for America’s rising inflation?
  4. Why did Congressional Republicans bend so easily on the debt ceiling?
  5. How should federal policymakers respond to a spike in drug overdoses in the last two years?


  1. Is boycotting the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics an effective form of protest?
  2. Has the U.S. lost its ability to promote democracy internationally?
  3. Can Russia’s border aggression help quell dissatisfaction with Putin’s leadership at home?
  4. Does the jailing of Aung San Suu Kyi represent the end of Myanmar’s brief foray into democracy?
  5. What role will Olaf Scholz play in European politics?

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