Weekly Question: October 25th – October 31st

Happy practicing!


  1. Do Democrats need to embrace popularism to maintain electoral competitiveness?
  2. What can be done to keep America’s local newspapers afloat?
  3. Is the recent rise in U.S. labor strikes an aberration or the beginning of a trend?
  4. Will states need to pick up the slack left by federal climate inaction?
  5. Should Netflix remove Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer”?


  1. What will be the implications of China’s advances in hypersonic missile technology?
  2. What reforms does Facebook need to prevent it from causing violence in developing nations?
  3. Will the Nigerian government be able to quell criminal gangs’ growing influence?
  4. Can Biden salvage the US-Turkey relationship?
  5. Will meaningful climate action arise from COP26?

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