Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: August 9th – August 15th (The Tokyo Olympics)

  1. Is Caeleb Dressel the new Michael Phelps?
  2. What lessons can the world of gymnastics learn from Simone Biles’ event withdrawals at the Tokyo Olympics?
  3. How should U.S. Olympics drug policy be changed after the Tokyo Olympics, if at all?
  4. What sport, if any, should the Olympics add for the 2024 Games?
  5. Will USA Basketball – both men’s and women’s – be able to hold onto their championships in 2024?
  6. What steps does the USWNT need to make two avoid future repeats of 2020?
  7. Is it time to repeal Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter?
  8. Will the U.S. be able to maintain its dominance in gold medals in 2024?

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