Weekly Questions: May 3rd – May 9th

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  1. Is Facebook’s Oversight Board a fair adjudicator of the platform’s ethical issues?
  2. Does the murder conviction of Derek Chauvin signal the beginning of a new age of police accountability?
  3. What will the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling in AMG vs. FTC be?
  4. Will raising the capital gains tax stifle economic growth?
  5. Can “Doge Day” become a reality?


  1. What can the world do to help India amidst its COVID-19 crisis?
  2. Should European counties accept Russia’s Sputnik vaccine?
  3. Have AMLO’s changed to the military made Mexico safer?
  4. Was Biden’s recognition of the Armenian genocide anything more than symbolic?
  5. How can the COVAX program be strengthened?

By Ananth Veluvali

Founder, the Extemper's Bible.

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