Weekly Questions: April 12th – April 18th

Happy practicing!


  1. Is the Biden administration doing enough to counter anti-trans discrimination?
  2. Is Evanston’s reparations program a model for other cities to follow?
  3. Should more states follow Vermont’s model and adopt race-based vaccine distribution programs?
  4. What will be the implications of the Amazon union vote failure in Alabama?
  5. What ramifications will the Matt Gaetz scandal have on the Republican Party?


  1. Will growing violence in Northern Ireland spiral out of control?
  2. Will Prince Hamzah’s house arrest lead to government reform in Jordan?
  3. Will informal talks to revive the US-Iran nuclear deal go anywhere?
  4. How will China-Taiwan relations change during the Biden administration?
  5. What steps does Peru need to take to help its weakening democracy reverse course?

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