Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: December 14th – December 21st

Written by James (Jimmy) Gao. Happy practicing!


  1. Should Congress’s most recent stimulus proposal be seen as a success?
  2. What’s the best option for the NFL as COVID-19 cases rise among its players and staff?
  3. What does the rise in e-commerce sales this holiday season signal for the future of retail?
  4. What steps can be taken to stop the dominance of large-market players in the growing recreational marijuana industry?
  5. Should Democrats heed Obama’s call and shy away from “defunding the police?”


  1. Will MOSIP revolutionize national ID systems across the world?
  2. After the arrest of Bobi Wine, is Uganda on the brink of all-out war?
  3. Will the death of Iran’s top nuclear scientist lead to a rift between Israel and the United States?
  4. Can Jair Bolsonaro effectively pivot towards the center to keep his political future afloat?
  5. Will Boris Johnson end up caving to the EU as Brexit talks reach their deadline?

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