Weekly Questions: November 24th – November 30th

Written by James (Jimmy) Gao and Shreya Joshi. Happy practicing!

Good luck and happy practicing!

US Extemp

  1. Would Bernie Sanders be the best candidate for Biden’s Secretary of Labor?
  2. What does the failure of a pro-affirmative action ballot measure in California signal for the future of anti-discrimination policies?
  3. What will be the implications of Amazon’s expansion into prescription drug delivery?
  4. Will Trump’s continued insistence on boycotting the special election in Georgia come back to haunt Republicans?
  5. Should Steve Mnuchin have ended the Federal Reserve’s lending programs?

International Extemp

  1. Is the release of Bobi Wine a good sign for Kenya’s democracy?
  2. How will a Biden presidency change US-Israeli relations?
  3. Will the protests in Guatemala be successful?
  4. What can be done to move peace talks forward in Afghanistan?
  5. Will Saudi Arabia defend itself from human rights activists at the G-20?

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