Weekly Questions: August 10th – August 16th

Do you want to work on your speaking skills? Below we’ve attached our weekly USX or IX questions for the week of August 10th – August 16th. Good luck and happy practicing!


  • Is Cori Bush’s victory in Missouri an indication of rising progressive momentum across the nation?
  • Is the United States’ forced sale of TikTok the right way to deal with Chinese technology?
  • How will the United States’ troop drawdown in Germany impact Russian foreign policy?
  • Do big tech companies violate antitrust laws?
  • Are President Trump’s coronavirus relief executive actions unconstitutional?


  • How, if at all, can the international community assist a battered Beirut?
  • What does Erdogan’s latest social media crackdown signal for the future of Turkey’s democracy?
  • In the wake of nationwide protests, what steps should Mali take to appease protestors?
  • Following the recent election in Suriname, what should Chan Santokhi’s priorities be for the country?
  • Is South Africa’s loan from the IMF a harbinger of economic stagnation?

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